During a ride of 25, 65, 120 or 170 km you will discover (a part of) the old defense line around Amsterdam, which was built to protect the capital in times of war. With an ingenious system, the land around the line could be inundated, which would make an enemy invasion of the capital impossible. An example of Dutch hydraulic engineering ingenuity, which has been on the Unesco World Heritage list for 25 years in 2021.

The routes take you through the wide and green water landscape in and around Amsterdam. Over the dikes and along forts and fortified towns. The longest distance, 170 km, goes all the way the Stelling van Amsterdam and passes all 46 fortresses in the position. But modern water works such as the bicycle bridge over the Amsterdam-Rijn Canal are also included in the route.

As soon as the routes for the 2021 edition are known, they will appear here.